Rigging & Staging

Rigging and Staging

Whether it’s a concert stage, a shading structure for a sports event or an exhibition stall – rigging is the first important step to any temporary structure. It is the basis that needs to be solid and safe.

Production Management

(Rigging is where we stand out in the entertainment business.) We combine over 20 years of experience in this area with quality and safety: All our structural steel work, scaffolding and platforms conform to the highest European and American standards. All our engineers and riggers are qualified/certified by German/European standards (OR: hold German/European rigging certificates – Apex, Plasa, Fisat, Ipaf). Each one of us sees himself as a professional and knows exactly what he is doing.

This is our commitment to a safe and smoothly running event.

We provide rigging and staging of any size and combination to build the structures that best meet our clients’ needs and wishes.