UVC Disinfection Device


December 1, 2020

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We have invested in a mobile disinfection unit with UVC light.

With our new disinfection device from GOLDENSEA UV we can easily disinfect small devices during events and thus neutralize the Corona viruses on surfaces. With the help of a built-in UVC light, all bacteria and viruses on the inserted equipment can be eliminated within 10 minutes.

With its three shelves, the unit offers enough space for devices such as walkie talkies, cell phones, microphones, masks and many more. If the shelves are not needed, we can remove them and make room for larger devices that need to be disinfected.

The UVC light is more efficient than the UV light, because it runs on a shorter wavelength (200-280nm). With the help of this device, we can much better ensure the safety of our team, as well as that of event organizers and performers, and comply with the new Corona measures.

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