Torchbearer Award


January 5, 2021

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Let us introduce you to our alternative of the "Employee of the month" program.

It's time to tell you about our employee reward program – the ‘Torchbearer Award’. This month, the award was given to Melvin for his extraordinary service. Congratulations to him and thank you for your dedicated work and endless support!

Every month, we celebrate a team member with this award. The torchbearer is a person that leads and inspires others in working with his or her exemplary work.

How do we find the next torchbearer?

That’s easy: Every torchbearer nominates the next one and presents him or her to the committee. The committee consists all previous winners of the torch. During the nomination, the current torchbearer needs to highlight the qualities and skills of his or her nominee and has to make a statement on why he or she thinks, that this nominee should be the next winner. The committee will then decide who the next torchbearer will be.

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