Rental Equipment

If you are planning a project but lack the necessary equipment or the right staff for the installation, we are more than happy to assist you. Our warehouse is equipped with a wide range of different products that simplify the delivery of the event and our team is well trained in their use. Equipment rental or manpower individually or combined – just let us know what you need.


We are a partner of Movecat, ChainMaster, Eurotruss, Prolyte, Skyliner, Spidercam and Cyberhoist and are proud to put these systems into operation at remarkable events in the Middle East. We have equipment that can be used for entire orders or as an add-on to clients' existing equipment. If you would like to rent our equipment without a rigger, then we have provisions in place to assist you. 

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We have over 10,000m of trusses in various systems from manufacturers like Prolyte, Eurotruss, James Thomas and Slick. We have small, medium and heavy-duty trusses from 30cm to 100cm and truss circles from 4m to 60m diameter in stock.


We work with electric chain hoists from Chainmaster, Movecat and Liftket. Our single-strand motor strengths range from 250kg WLL, 320kg WLL, 500kg WLL and up to 1000kg WLL. With double-strand motor sizes we can even offer up to 2000kg WLL on request.


Cyberhoist chain systems come with variable speed control that can be controlled by computers. In our warehouse we have 42 Cyberhoist chain hoists with a capacity of 500 kg, which can reach 0-20 meters per minute.


We have Solenoid and Showtex Kabuki magnet systems in stock. This allows us to quickly lower curtains, for example during shows or product presentations, and create dramatic effects.

Motor Control systems

We have systems with 4, 8, 16, 24 and 32 Channels in stock.

Load cell SYSTEMS

We have load cells in stock with which we can monitor the weight distribution at the critical points of a roof installation.

Rigging accessories

Slings, steelflex, steels, clutch chains, shackles, O-rings, burlaps, turnbuckles, guy wire and much more are part of our inventory to support our rigging work.


We have many square meters of stage elements in our warehouse to realize even the most complex stage structures.


Cover your Event with the outstanding setups from Skyliner. The mobile audience and event canopies are a real eye-catcher at any event. With the different diameter sizes, the setup adapts to the most diverse locations. Check out diameters from 10 to 38 m and a covered area from 78 to 1100 sqm. TUV approved statics and stable up to 12 Beaufort. 

Crowd control solutions

Barricades and Barriers which are essential for the security of your event and guiding visitors.

Temporary flooring

Enable easy access with Pedestrian and Wheelchair Access Routes and protect your expensive grass from pedestrian and vehicle traffic with Trident Trackways. 


We provide internationally renowned and certified riggers as well as rope access specialists and climbing light technicians for a wide range of events. Our team ranges from Level 1 riggers up to Level 3.