Everything starts with an idea - a classical concert in a public park, a stage floating on water, a car flown onto a skyscraper. Ideas are the colorful driving force behind all events. Our clients bring their visions and we take care of the implementation. Because that's what we're here for.

We see ourselves as your technical advisor in the background. We are happy to advise you about the feasibility, technical requirements and necessary equipment – but your concept remains the driving force of the event.

Events are great – in order to get the best result, a lot of expertise in a wide range of areas is required.

That's why your service partner must be able to cover needs like equipment, power supply, organization of infrastructure and safety of the structures. This is exactly what we're here for – to provide technical on-site management for all areas of your event, not only managing our own productions, but also those of other suppliers.

We know how to put together a team that can cover all these tasks. Our specialists oversee the entire process and are your first point of contact on-site.

Whether it's line arrays, audio towers or other audio systems, we perform all the necessary installations. Once all systems are in place, our sound designers coordinate the equipment to ensure the best audio experience for each location and crowd. 

If you need an LED wall, our engineers will consider this during the planning phase and include the additional weight of the screens in the structural engineering. Afterwards, our riggers install the screens on site so that they are ready for connection. Subsequently, our video specialists take over and adjust the LED screen accordingly to the program, color play and showtime of the day. By doing so, we provide your guests with the best possible visual experience.

We install and program show lights, ambient lighting, special effects and kinetic elements to bring out the best effects for any event.

We know that lighting and staging have to go hand in hand – so it can't always be the full light show. Sometimes lights need to blend into the background with subtle inserts to capture the mood of the event.

Whether it's a concert stage, a shade construction for a sporting event or a trade show booth: Rigging is the first and most important step to any temporary installation. That's why the safety of these structures is of utmost importance.

We offer rigging services and stages of any size and design. On-site, we take over the technical production management and manage all important tasks such as infrastructure, equipment, power supply, safety and health protection.

We work with revolutionary motion control systems to create stunning and smooth live experiences. They simplify our work and help us deliver more professional and visually aestethic results to the audience.

Flying artists, musicians or cars, moving LED screens in all possible directions, rotating tables for product presentations or just a falling silk curtain are things that make events remarkable.

If you are planning a project but lack the necessary equipment or the right staff for the installation, we are more than happy to assist you. Our warehouse is equipped with a wide range of different products that simplify the delivery of the event and our team is well trained in their use. Equipment rental or manpower individually or combined – just let us know what you need.


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We'd love to talk about what matters to you.

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