Consulting & Planning

Technical Consulting and Project Planning

Everything begins with an idea – a classic concert in a public park, a stage floating on water, a car being flown on top of a skyscraper. Ideas are the colourful driving force behind events. Our clients bring their vision and shouldn’t worry about how to make it happen. That’s what we are here for.

Technical Event Know-How in the background

We understand ourselves as the technical consultants and planners in the background. We estimate the scale of the project and advice what’s needed. We estimate feasibility and technical requirements. We show how the venue could look like by making 3D drawings and computer-aided designs (AutoCAD, Vectorworks Spotlight). We calculate everything from material to statics to power. We make on-site visits to get a better picture of venues. We point to eventualities and special requirements. We provide cost estimations and provide all equipment and services needed.

In a nutshell: We offer our clients the consultative support and technical project management to give them a carefree event/planning phase.