Exhibition Services

Exhibition Services

Exhibition stands are a special case of temporary structure – they are designed to perfectly reflect a company’s brand. They have to be set up and dismantled quickly and, in a lot of the cases, many times. They must be demountable into small parts to be able to be shipped around the world. And, yet, they should be visually appealing and stand out from the masses.

Exhibition Stands: Design and Construction

Due to our long standing experience we know how to combine all these (pre)conditions, offering unique and creative solutions for any kind of exhibition – from small Shell Scheme stands to big customized steel constructions that are made to last.

We take into account purpose and times of use, venue, occasion, potential storage facilities and ways of shipment. These are all factors influencing structure, design and material. Like this, we are able to advice our clients on the best possible solution.

Building the exhibition stalls and temporary structures, we only use quality and (safety-)proved material to guarantee a carefree event and long lasting usage.