Lighting Design and Execution

Events can be boring – or they can be filled with colours, excitement, temperament. Create a room full of sun with yellow (light), suggest the beauties of nature with green (light) or stress the power of a love song with red (light). It’s all a question of the right lighting and light design.

Matching light: Ambience, Show, Special FX

We know that every event is unique and that the light should stress the very form and means of it. Having many years of experience in this area, we create light designs that match our clients’ wishes and make the event/venue shine.

We provide show lights, ambience light, special effects and kinetic elements – always according to means and budget. We execute all lighting ourselves, being able to adjust things on-site, always knowing what we’re doing. We know how lighting and staging go together. And we also know that often, less is more. With an organized, thoroughly equipped set-up you can create almost anything – be inspired by us!

We work and equip according to European standards.