On-Site Management

Technical On-Site Management and Engineering

Events are great – but at the same time require the know-how across a broad range of areas: infrastructure, equipment, power, health and safety as well as security.

Production Management

It is vital to have specialists on-site who take care of all this – and it is vital to have someone oversee the whole process and to be the first point of contact for the client when it comes to technical and infrastructural issues.

We know how to put together and lead a team covering all these tasks. We not only supervised our own productions, but were also in charge of the technical production management for other companies (delivering event technology).

On-Site Engineering

We also know that events are full of surprises and unexpected challenges. Despite proper planning, there will always be something that needs to be adjusted on-site: be it the ground support for the stage having to be leveled or the lighting having to be exchanged last minute.

These adjustments often require creativity and engineering skills only well trained staff can provide. And, while time-wise under pressure, it is crucial that these adjustments are made by experts to assure they do not affect the stability of the construction and the safety of the venue.

Our team of qualified event engineers and operation directors has all the competence to assess conditions. We guarantee technical on-site engineering throughout all areas of rigging, staging, lighting, sound, statics and power. We always double-check on safety and know where our limits are.