Rigging & Staging


Whether it's a concert stage, a shade construction for a sporting event or a trade show booth: Rigging is the first and most important step to any temporary installation. That's why the safety of these structures is of utmost importance.

We offer rigging services and stages of any size and design. On-site, we take over the technical production management and manage all important tasks such as infrastructure, equipment, power supply, safety and health protection.


Product launches, mall openings, holidays, unique private or business events and many other occasions provide enough opportunities for rigging installations in shopping malls. Here we support the events with temporary stages, apply seasonal decorations or install outdoor lighting.


For sporting events, concerts, or even large graduation events, we like to climb around in the heights of stadiums. It's a lot of work until the trusses are finally hanging, but it's always worth it when we see that the guests had fun and that another event has successfully taken place.

Do you plan an event? We'd love to support you!

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