Commercial Bank 40th Anniversary Celebrations

    • Build a fully covered open-air concert stage

      The Challenges
      We know: Building an open-air stage isn’t that difficult – under normal circumstances. However, what we were about to embark on this time, was challenging in several ways:

      The aim was to build a fully covered stage for a public event, 400 square metres in size, to accommodate the whole Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, that still has the look and feel of an open-air stage. To achieve this, our engineers developed a construction with a 13-leg ground support, including roof cover as well as covered sides and back. We used mesh to create a breezy, open-air look.

      The 40th anniversary of Commercial Bank was celebrated with a big public concert by the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra playing in the open-air. For this, we set up a unique 400 square metres stage in the middle of a park…

      Extra challenge here: because the stage was set-up on the shoreline, for safety reasons the roof and all sides needed to be removable in case of strong winds. To tackle this, we introduced a type of construction new to the Qatari event market: mesh attached to a strong velcro frame. This meant the sides could easily be torn down if needed without risking anybody’s life by climbing up in bad weather.

      To set up the whole construction – the biggest concert stage in Qatar to date and 8 x 40 feet of trailer equipment – we had only three days. And building in a park on uneven ground meant constant measuring and on-site adjustment – at least when you have no choice site-wise because you really want to set-up against this jaw-dropping background of sea, Doha skyline and Museum of Islamic Art.

      Lastly, the weather in early May was the ultimate physical challenge. In the end, however, we won the battle with the heat.

    • Project Description

      Client: Commercial Bank of Qatar & fischerAppelt, qatar
      Location: Doha, Qatar
      Year: 2015

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