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A new exciting job is waiting for you

Why become a part of ES:ME

ES:ME is full of highly skilled, passionate individuals and we welcome team members regardless of where they come from. We are dedicated in building a work environment that encourages growth and creativity. As we build dream events for our clients, we also make sure that efforts in accomplishing tasks and improving one’s performance are recognized and well compensated.


How the ES:ME Team Started

The ES:ME founders were inspired by a 2006 Asian Games event in Doha. Eventually, they started Even2 Event Equipment Rental in 2007, and then established the brand Even2- The Rigging Specialists. With only three people at first, they’ve come a long way!


As client requests continue to grow for more than mere rigging and on-site installation, in 2010, ES:ME Entertainment Services came about to provide all the support and know-how need in creating and managing smooth running events.  Later on, we’ve welcomed more members into the team for different roles and functions. 


Today, Even2–The Rigging Specialists is now fully integrated with ES:ME Entertainment Services comprising of 50 team members across our  Qatar and UAE offices, serving our clients from everywhere around the world!

Full Time

Senior Lighting Engineer

Set up and operate lighting equipment including lighting fixtures, lighting consoles, trussing, pipe, wires and cables, special effects machines, and related electronic equipment for concerts, weddings, performances, private events, rentals, and installations.


Head Rigger

We are looking to hire a qualified Head Rigger to support our team. As a Head rigger, you will be required to work closely with the sales and project management team as well as the clients in consulting them and developing rigging solutions.

Full Time

Group People and Culture Manager

ES:ME Entertainment Services is a rapidly growing Event Engineering company, with offices in the UAE, Qatar and soon to open in KSA. We are dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences.

Full Time

Crew Manager

As a Crew Manager in the Events Industry, you will be responsible for the
sourcing and recruitment of freelance technicians specializing in lighting, audio,
and rigging. You will also play a crucial role in organizing their travel and
onboarding to ensure the seamless execution of events.


Client Relationship Manager

You will serve as a crucial link between our clients
and our company, ensuring that their event needs are met and their
expectations are exceeded.

Full Time

Director of Operations based in Saudi Arabia (KSA)

his position requires
exceptional leadership skills, a strong operational background, and the ability to drive
continuous improvement in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.