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Lighting Equipment

Generic Lighting fixtures. Used for live concert, exhibition, conference etc

esme ufc

ARRI 2000W

ARRI 1000W


BLINDER PAR36 4-lite

BLINDER PAR36 4-lite blinder LED IP65

PAR64 Long nose Black/Silver

ETC S4 profile 19°-26°

ETC S4 zoom profile 15°/30°-25°/50

ETC SPar 750W

SquareLED Nova

SquareLED Storm 5 RGBW 35,25,20

SquareLED Strom 5 TW

Varytec Typhoon True Par Kid 07x10 IP65

PAR64 Led Par Typhoon 720Z IP65

Robe BMFL wash/beam

Robe BMFL Spot

Robe BMFL Blade

Robe pointe

Robe BMFL Follow spot

Clay Paky B-eye K20

Elation Proteus hybrid

Elation Rayzor 760

Elation Proteus Maximus IP65

SGM G-Profile

SGM G spot




GLP impression X4S


JB Lighting A12

Martin MAC 700 Wash

Expolite TourLED Pro Zoom 28

Expolite TourLED Zoom 56

Expolite TourLED 42 IP65

Expolite TourLED 42 Indoor

Expolite Tourbar 64

Astera AX3 Dot

Astera Titan Tube 1m

Astera Hyperion Tube 2m

Lupo Superlight softlight 3000

Floodlight Metal halide 400w

Floodlight LED Floodlight 400w Daylight

Floodlight LED Floodlight 200w

Floodlight 200W LED Floodlight Warmlight

Lighting Desk GrandMA 2 full size

Lighting Desk GrandMA 2 light

Lighting Desk GrandMA 2 tour pack

Lighting Desk GrandMA 2 NPU

Lighting desk GrandMA 2 4port node

Haze/Fog Machine Smoke factory Data II Fog machine

Haze/Fog Machine MDG ATMe

Haze/Fog Machine Tour Hazer II Haze machine

Haze/Fog Machine Antari Fan DMX

Yellow Jacket

LTH wind up stativ

Special Effects MagicFX CO2 jet (1 Set)

Special Effects MagicFX Super Blaster XL (1Set)

Special Effects Mirror Ball – 40 & 50cm

Special Effects Robert Juliat Cyrano 2500W Followspot

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