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An Event In A Doha Museum for Valentino

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Case Study

Going Bespoke For Valentino in Doha

It was clear from the very start: the cultural and creative workspace (and retail hub) that is Doha’s M7 Museum would provide the ideal backdrop for the Forever Valentino exhibition of 2022.

The Valentino brand team had a razor-sharp vision for how this event – which was to showcase its heritage of haute-couture excellence – would unfold, meaning the stakes were high for ES:ME. Our challenge was to transform the venue into a truly theatrical experience: an exploration of the brand’s identity via a voyage through Rome, Valentino’s birthplace and home.

Our ability to coordinate the numerous stakeholders, time zones and suppliers on this project was a significant factor in its success. The location in Doha meant that we had to focus on pre-planning during the lead-up to the event to optimise shipment delivery timings and the budget. 

As we had to drill directly into the museum’s ceiling to complete the rigging and create the desired outcome, we conducted an in-depth check of the museum’s walls and construction. Every millimetre of the physical space was inspected, as well as each thread of the proposed plan and build. 

Valentino’s creative leaders were a dream to work with. At the top of their game in terms of vision, flexibility and professionalism, the management and their teams were supportive and collaborative every step of the way. When we needed to swap materials or adjust measurements, this level of cooperation ensured we could carry out changes swiftly and seamlessly. 

Maya, ES:ME’s project manager for the Forever Valentino Exhibition, confirms, “The client’s team were so professional and supportive, which led to a final event where every visitor was wowed. It was stunning.”