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Saudi Arabia Founding Day 2024

Case Study

A stunning agal cultural art piece marks Riyadh’s celebrations for the annual public holiday.

As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia commemorated its Founding Day, the capital city of Riyadh was illuminated by a remarkable light installation in the King Fahd National Library Park. Initially intended for the Al Faisaliah Tower, the project was reimagined for the Library Park by the team at ES:ME Entertainment Services, led by Project Manager Karen Zeindl, who oversaw the production team.

On the evening of 22 February, a light show marked by sweeping beams, chases and intricate patterns filled the skies above Riyadh. The event, which ran every 30 minutes, drew in audiences with its complexity and elegance. “This project was the result of a collective effort by a diverse team of international experts who came together to bring this vision to fruition,” commented Zeindl, who went on to recognise the contributions from all parties involved, crediting All Events Services (AES) for the scaffolding, Expo for the static engineering and calculation, Double Impact for the Agal deco production, and bright! Studios for the innovative lighting design.

With a staggering 18 tonnes of equipment to be suspended for the event, the logistics required meticulous planning and execution. Even as equipment was en route, the team adapted swiftly to the evolving circumstances. With additional crew and a scaffolding structure quickly put in place, the park was transformed into a spectacular stage.

The event made use of 250 Elation Proteus luminaires, chosen specifically for their high-grade specifications that allow performance in all weather conditions. Alexander Wuerfel, CEO of ES:ME Entertainment Services and the Technical Director for the event, has been utilising Proteus for projects across the region since 2019. “The reliability of Proteus in various conditions made them the obvious choice for this event,” he stated.

ES:ME served as the lighting vendor and managed the project with acute attention to detail. “We understand the complexities of the Kingdom now having led similar complex projects like this here, and around the world – we are adept to change,” he added.

Thomas Giegerich, Managing Director of bright! studios, described the vision for the light show as “a royal ambiance, akin to a crown, that honours the Kingdom’s heritage and unity”. He commented: “We encircled the agal with 120 Proteus Hybrids on the ground with 24 Proteus Excaliburs crowning the top, three circles of lights that provided a striking contrast to the square shape of the agal piece. The beams were visible from across the city and the entire installation really left a lasting impression.”

The juxtaposition of the Proteus Excalibur beams against those of the Proteus Hybrids added depth and contrast to the display. “We had decided on the Proteus Hybrid, but we wanted a really punchy beam that would look good in contrast to it, so we chose the Excalibur,” Giegerich explained. “We wanted to give people something special, something that was visible from afar, and we accomplished that.”

One of those special looks was what the designer called ‘twisters’ in which he tilted the three circles of fixtures while panning to create an intricate, overlapping spiral beam effect. Giegerich reported falling in love with the Excalibur’s “ability to do colour while projecting a powerful mid-air effect” at a shootout in Frankfurt last year while making fixture choices for the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 Championships.

To enhance the visual look of the art piece further, 60 Proteus Rayzor 760 fixtures were placed between each agal rope, creating an enchanting twinkle effect that delighted onlookers. “The client wasn’t convinced of putting lights at that position, but we didn’t intend to do more beams or punchy lighting with them,” Giegerich revealed. “Once they saw the eye-candy twinkle effect they can produce (SparkLED), they loved it. It was super beautiful and a real lifesaver.” An additional 30 Proteus Rayzor 760s adorned the King Fahad Library façade, extending the ambiance of the event.
Reflecting on the project, Zeindl described the Founding Day light show as “more than a display of technical expertise”. She concluded: “It was a celebration of the nation’s rich history and a symbol of collective spirit and resilience. Through creativity and collaboration, the team overcame significant obstacles to create a memorable spectacle of light and inspiration for the Kingdom’s future.”