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Showing the world how spectacular - and safe - events can be


Technical consultancy, venue services and AV and rigging equipment hire

Our in-depth event consultancy services and engineering expertise go hand-in-hand with our state-of-the-art equipment. We’ve grown steadily since 2007 due to specialising in what we do best: AV, staging, special effects and rigging. And when we say specialise, we mean it. Knowing our limits keeps us at the top of our game. If you need a little something extra to make your event stand out from the rest, we will provide it via our network of handpicked event production partners.

We work closely with our clients, taking their wishes into account and sharing regular status updates. And our approach works: our clients tell us they experience less stress leading up to and during an event when they partner with ES:ME. 


Showing the world how spectacular - and safe - events can be

Consultancy and Planning

Get feasibility and technical support for ambitious visions - the bigger and bolder, the better

Onsite & Production Management

Hire the pros to manage all your backstage activity and suppliers during an event

Audio and Video (AV)

Enjoy a coordinated approach to design, installation and audiovisual optimisation

Lighting and Installations

Increase the impact of key moments with support from our lighting designers

Rigging and Staging

This is where ES:ME started. Put safety first by working with our rigging and staging experts

Kinetic Movements and Special Effects

Make your event even more remarkable with our revolutionary motion control systems

Event Equipment Rental

Dip into our warehouse full of event equipment. Supplied on its own or with our trained team in tow