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Our Yearly TÜV Inspection

Just before Expo opened its gates and the new season kicked off, we got our yearly equipment inspection done by the TÜV SÜD. They thoroughly checked all of our gear and especially tested the functionality of our winches.

We Are The Best Events Equipment Installation Specialist In Dubai

UAE Business Awards Winner 2021

We are proud to announce that we have just won our first UAE Business Award as ‘Best Events Equipment Specialists in Dubai!  We are always updating and changing our equipment to offer the best solutions for our clients. So it is great to see, that our many years of dedication are finally being acknowledged!  Along with our award […]

UVC Disinfection Device

We have invested in a mobile disinfection unit with UVC light. With our new disinfection device from GOLDENSEA UV we can easily disinfect small devices during events and thus neutralize the Corona viruses on surfaces. With the help of a built-in UVC light, all bacteria and viruses on the inserted equipment can be eliminated within […]