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Director of Operations based in KSA

Short Description

As the Director of Operations, you will play a crucial role in driving operational excellence,
optimizing efficiency, and ensuring the smooth functioning of ES:ME across United Arab Emirates and International Markets. You will oversee various operational functions, collaborate with cross-functional teams, and implement strategies to improve productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction. This position
 requires exceptional leadership skills, a strong operational background, and the ability to drive continuous improvement in a dynamic and fast-paced environment.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Strategic Implementation: Collaborate with the CEO and Leadership team to understand the organization’s strategic vision, goals, and initiatives. Develop an implementation plan for your territories to align with the overall strategy; Ensure seamless execution of strategic initiatives across departments, teams and regions.
  2.  Process Optimization: Identify opportunities for process improvements and efficiency enhancements. Analyse existing operational workflows, procedures, and systems, and implement best practices to streamline operations across branches. Drive continuous improvement initiatives to optimize productivity, quality, and cost-effectiveness and share best practice to global standards
    across the group.
  3.  Team Leadership and Development: Provide leadership, mentorship, and guidance to operational teams. Lead a positive and high-performance culture, ensuring teams are motivated and equipped to achieve their objectives. Recruit, train, and develop top talent, and conduct performance evaluations to drive individual and team growth in line with ES:ME performance management program.
  4.  Performance Monitoring and Reporting: Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to measure operational performance. Monitor progress, analyze data, and prepare regular reports for executive leadership team. Identify trends, issues, and opportunities for improvement, and implement corrective actions as needed.
  5.  Resource Management: Optimize resource allocation, including personnel, equipment, and budget, to ensure operational efficiency. Collaborate with finance teams to develop and manage operational budgets, control costs, and maximize resource utilization. Monitor and forecast resource needs to support business growth.
  6. Cross-functional Collaboration: Collaborate with other departments, such as finance, human resources, sales, and marketing, to ensure alignment and seamless coordination of operations. Lead effective communication and collaboration among teams to drive cross-functional initiatives and resolve operational issues.
  7.  Quality Assurance and Compliance: Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, industry standards, and internal policies across operational functions. Implement quality assurance programs, conduct audits, and monitor compliance to maintain high-quality standards and mitigate operational risks to world class standards.
  8. Technology and Systems: Stay abreast of technological advancements and industry trends related t operational systems and processes. Identify and implement appropriate technologies and systems to enhance operational efficiency, data management, and reporting capabilities and advise the
    leadership team accordingly.
  9.  Supplier Management: Identify, negotiate, and manage relationships with event-related suppliers, Evaluate Supplier performance, negotiate contracts, and ensure compliance with contractual obligations. Maintain a network of reliable and high-quality event service providers. Prioritize and utilize Company assets prior to third party engagement.
  10. Risk Management: Identify potential risks and develop comprehensive risk management plans for each event. Mitigate operational, financial, and reputational risks by implementing appropriate contingency plans, safety measures, and insurance coverage. Conduct post-event evaluations to identify lessons learned and implement improvements for future events.
  11.  Budgeting and Financial Management: Collaborate with the finance team to develop event budgets, forecast expenses, and monitor financial performance. Ensure effective cost management and adherence to budgetary constraints. Analyse financial data to identify opportunities for cost savings
    and revenue generation, Business P&L Accountability. Report monthly to the leadership and CEO actions and plans taken to ensure the successful attainment of monthly and annual budgets.
  12.  Drive operational excellence and ensuring the successful achievement of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set by the CEO, fostering a results-oriented culture and maintaining alignment with the company’s strategic goals.
  13.  Client Relationship Management: Build and maintain strong relationships with key clients, stakeholders, and industry partners. Serve as the main point of contact for major accounts within the United Arab Emirates and International Markets. Understand client needs, provide customized event solutions, and address concerns to ensure client satisfaction and long-term partnerships. Identify opportunities for upselling and expanding services to existing clients


  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret general business periodicals, professional journals,
    technical procedures, or governmental regulations. Ability to write reports, business
    correspondence, and procedure manuals in English.
  • Arabic is an Advantage

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